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GTA San Andreas Mod APK – Premium features – APKWORLD

GTA San Andreas apk offers a modified free version of the original paid game. It’s an open world game set in the city of San Andreas. You get unlimited money and health, free unlocked all weapons and vehicles. You play as Carl Johnson (CJ) and can explore three large cities based on places in California. You can drive different vehicles like cars, motorcycles, boats and planes to get around. There are missions to do for gangs where you race, fight bad guys and do other jobs. You can also do fun things like work out at the gym, dance at clubs and eat food. Completing missions and activities earns you money to buy cool new things. You are free to explore the big map and have adventures as CJ in the digital world of 1990s San Andreas.

Requirements for GTA San Andreas Apk

  • The game requires android version 9 or higher to run smoothly on the mobiles and tablets.
  • Can be played also on Bluestacks, Memu and other emulators as well.

Features of GTA San Andreas Apk

Feature Description
Unlimited money GTA San Andreas mod apk unlimited everything offers unlimited funds to spend freely in the game to buy item.
Unlimited health Character has maximum health and can’t die.
Unlocked all weapons and vehicles All weapons and vehicles are available from the start.
Open World Exploration Explore the state of San Andreas including three major cities and vast countryside freely on foot or by vehicle. Choose activities and discover secrets.
Vehicle Missions and Transport Drive a huge range of land, sea and air vehicles like cars, bikes, boats, planes and helicopters to travel.
Main Missions and Side Activities Progress the main story missions and also do side objectives like races, tagging, beat em ups to earn stats and cash.
Car Customization Purchase garages to repair and modify vehicles with paint jobs, body kits, and performance upgrades. Collect unique rides.
Gang Turf Wars As a gang member, help defend and expand gang territories by tagging and fighting rival hoods.
Character Improvement Optimize stats like muscle and fat at gyms. Acquire properties to boost role playing.
Multiple Endings The story can end differently based on climatic mission choices – loyal, traitor, or other alternative endings.

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FAQs about GTA San Andreas Apk

Is GTA San Andreas good on mobile?

Yes, GTA San Andreas mod apk unlimited money and health download is an excellent open world game that translates well to mobile formats. The gameplay has exploration, missions and activities highly entertaining on phones and tablets.

How much RAM is required for GTA San Andreas in mobile?

At least 2GB RAM is recommended to run GTA San Andreas smoothly on mobile. Devices with 3GB or more RAM will have better performance with open world traversal and mission loads.

Which GTA games are available on mobile?

Popular GTA titles ported to Android and iOS include GTA San Andreas, GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA Chinatown Wars. These classic 3D era games have intuitive touch controls adapted for smartphones.

How many GB is GTA San Andreas on Android?

The filesize for GTA San Andreas ranges between 2 to 2.5 GB  depending on device platform and version. Ensure adequate storage space is available before downloading this large open world game.

Which GTA is best for phones?

Many consider GTA san andreas mod apk to be the most fully featured and immersive for phone platforms due to its huge map size and abundance of activities/missions supporting many hours of engaging gameplay.

Can my phone run GTA San Andreas?

Most phones released in the last 2-3 years should be compatible to run Vice City provided they meet the minimum requirements of 2GB RAM and Android 5.0/iOS 10 respectively on the different mobile platforms.

How to play GTA on mobile?

GTA San Andreas mod apk free download is available on After installing the game, follow touch instructions to drive, walk, shoot using on-screen buttons and complete objectives within the open 3D cityscapes.

What is the newest GTA mobile game?

Currently the latest mainline 3D universe GTA to come to mobile is GTA San Andreas apk download android 2023. GTA III and Vice City are also available as Definitive Editions optimized for newer devices running current OS versions.

Which GTA is the best to get?

In terms of content richness and replayability value, GTA San Andreas is considered the pinnacle amongst those ported to mobile so far due to its revolutionary scope and systems supporting varied gameplay styles.

How many GB does GTA San Andreas take up?

Fully installed, GTA San Andreas mod takes up approximately 2.5GB to 3.5GB of storage space depending on device and version. Ensure at least 3-4GB free is available to accommodate any updates and save files over the course of playing.

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