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Angry Birds Journey Mod Apk Infinite Money – APKWORLD

In Angry Birds Journey, you get to play Red, Chuck, and Bomb. The game has more than 1,000 fun levels for you to finish. In the Angry Birds game, you collect items and fight bosses.  You will get unlimited gems and coins so you never run out. All characters will also be unlocked so you can use all these unlock characters. You can fully enjoy Angry Birds Adventure without any stress. Each level asks you to use different birds to break pigs, and pop balloons, or cages. You have to choose the right bird and figure out how to solve the challenge at each level. You can safely download Angry Birds games from Apkworld.

Features of Angry Birds Journey Apk 

Unlimited Gold/Lives

In Angry Birds Journey, you will not run out of coins or extra turns allowing children to focus on solving the puzzles without stress from in-app purchases.

Different Goals

Each level challenges players to complete a specific objective such as popping balloons, breaking open cages of trapped animals, or smashing into pig structures to advance.

Unique Birds

Characters like Red, Bomb, and Chuck handle differently and have unique abilities useful for solving different puzzle scenarios in the game.


You can collect coins and power-ups scattered throughout the levels providing temporary boosts to encourage continued exploration of more levels.

Keep Playing

If stuck on a level, watching a short ad will provide extra chances instead of restarting levels or spending real money giving persistence.

Learn New Moves

Completing levels unlocks upgraded skills for birds, opening new strategic possibilities in later more challenging puzzles.

Silly Piggies

Angry Birds Journey game backgrounds provide glimpses of the mischievous activities pigs are constructing like elaborate towers or strange machines.

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FAQs about Angry Birds Journey Apk

How do I get more coins/lives/power-ups?

You can earn coins by completing levels. Lives and power-ups can be gained from free boxes or sometimes watching video ads. Just keep playing to collect these rewards.

Levels are too hard, what can I do?

Try using different birds and shot techniques. Look closely at the level design for hints. Taking a break and coming back later may help too. Don’t forget to use power-ups carefully when stuck.

How do I change my name/avatar?

Go to the settings menu within your profile to customize these details.

Why can’t I update the Angry Birds Journey Apk?

Make sure your device software is up to date. Contact support if an update still not appearing.

Levels are missing, how do I get them back?

Complete earlier levels to unlock the missing sections of the game map.

Is Angry Birds Epic deleted?

Yes, the game was deleted in 2019 by the developers.

Is Angry Birds Journey Apk safe to download and play?

Yes, you can download the Angry Birds Journey APK from APKWORLD staff scan and check every app multiple times with antivirus software to ensure safety. Simply download and enjoy the game without any concerns.

How many levels are in the Angry Birds Journey game?

The number of levels in Angry Birds Journey download within each chapter varied, with early chapters having around 5-10 levels and later ones having 10-15 levels.

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