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Bitlife mod Apk Free Pro Features – APKWORLD

BitLife is a game where you get to live as a fantasy person. You get to choose how their life goes. You pick what job they have and who they marry. The game shows how your choices affect how happy or rich they are. You can play over and over as different people. Each time you play their life turns out differently based on your decisions. It’s fun to imagine living different lives in BitLife!


Career Choices

  • Choose from various careers ranging from doctors to actors
  • Meet minimum qualifications and stats for careers
  • Get promoted, fired based on performance and chances
  • Achieve ambitions like becoming business mogul


  • Interact with family, dating partners, spouses
  • Marriage increases family chances
  • Balance relationships and family life
  • Legal troubles result from harmful actions


  • Complete natural life progression
  • Take on random and custom goals/constraints
  • Time-focused and riskier challenges available
  • Global challenges offer competition


  • Invest savings into stocks, real estate from early life
  • Ensure financial security for later life
  • Inherit wealth from relatives
  • Build affluent legacies over time


  • Experience being born and continue family lines
  • Children inherit traits, wealth, assets
  • Maintain family fortunes and businesses
  • Establish famous dynasties over generations

Use Cases


  • Reinforces classroom lessons through realistic simulated scenarios
  • Allows experimenting with career and life decisions safely
  • Teachers can assign roleplaying projects around various topics
  • Develops soft skills like decision making for independent living


  • Craft personalized character backstories and profiles
  • Roleplay intricately through first-person storytelling
  • Explore unusual challenges and character builds
  • Inspires creative writing, art, films from simulation experiences


  • Provides stress relief through liberating gameplay
  • Allows escaping pressures by adopting other identities
  • Advances challenges and goals for emotional rewards
  • Works as wellness activity like meditation before sleeping


Responsible Use

  • Take breaks and avoid playing during responsibilities
  • Monitor for neglecting duties or compulsive habits


  • Only share public forum information willingly
  • Regularly check privacy and security settings
  • Be aware of real-life consequences from oversharing

App Permissions

  • Allow only necessary permissions for optional features
  • Understand each permission’s purpose before accepting
  • Change permissions anytime in settings if unexpected

Financial Transactions

  • Watch for unintended purchases racking up costs
  • Set restrictions on charges for impulse spenders
  • Check histories regularly for unauthorized activity

Family Friendly Content

  • Use parental controls to prevent exposure to mature topics
  • Discuss sessions to promote wisdom over encouraging risks
  • content may touch mature subjects for young audiences

Reality Checking

  • Remember experiences are virtual, not real experiences
  • Seek balance with real-life relationships and goals
  • Address unhealthy comparisons to simulation success

Features of Bitlife APK

Feature Description
Unlimited Money In-game currencies like bits and cash are refilled infinitely.
Personal stats Track detailed stats of your character’s life – income, relationships, health etc.
Time Machine Travel back in time to any year and restart your life.
Boss Mode Unlock special powerful abilities to boost your character.
Unlocked Bitizenship Access all premium paid features for free without restrictions of bitlife mod apk god mode and bitizenship
God Mode Character becomes immortal and super wealthy with everything unlocked in bitlife god mode apk.
Infinite Lives Start a new simulated life without limits instead of game over.
Character Editor Customize your character’s name, gender, age, looks and other traits.

Bitlife Mod Apk 3.7.4

This version has some less features as compared to the latest version, but still have a n attractive game to play.

Bitlife Mod Apk 3.9

It is an older version of the game with almost the same features as the latest version Good for the old versions lovers as well.

Similar Apps to BitLife

Mega Life

Mega Life is another popular life simulation game that shares many similarities to BitLife free. Players guide a virtual person from birth to death, making choices that impact careers, relationships and more. 


Dreams by Media Molecule takes a highly creative user-generated content approach to life simulations rather than predefined scenarios. Players sculpt virtual worlds, characters and interactive stories in a sandbox environment to share online. 

Mobile Legends

On surface level, Mobile Legends: Adventure hardly resembles a life sim due to being a multiplayer online battle arena game and good alternative to bitlife mod apk 2023. However, both Mobile Legends and BitLife god mode apk are free-to-start titles that risk fostering compulsive habits long term through rewarding gameplay loops and social competitiveness.

FAQs About Bitlife APK

Is it safe to play?

Yes, BitLife premium apk is considered safe for all ages when played responsibly without enabling risky behaviors. As with any online activity, minors should have parental oversight for age-appropriate content and monitor playing time to avoid issues like addiction.

Can I play Bitlife Offline?

While the core BitLife apk mod update simulation can be played offline by starting new lives without an internet connection.

Is BitLife APK Premium available for iOS devices?

No, while there is an official BitLife mod apk download available on the Apple App Store for iOS devices, APK files are specifically for Android use only. The iOS version must be downloaded directly from the App Store.

Is BitLife an Android?

Yes, Bitlife mod apk new version is available as both an official Android app which can be downloaded from the, and also as an iOS app from the Apple App store. So while it runs on Android, it also supports iOS devices.

What is the max age in BitLife?

Currently there is no set maximum age limit programmed in Bitlife apk latest version for android. Players can in theory continue living virtual lives indefinitely through a character with no upper bound on the number of years they can attain. However, the average global human lifespan is around 80 years old.

Why BitLife?

Bitlife simulator mod apk is hugely popular due to its highly engaging and realistic life simulation experience. It allows players to freely roleplay as virtual characters from birth to death while navigating choices that shape career/family outcomes. No two playthroughs are alike, fostering great replay value.

Is there a game like BitLife?

Some similar life simulation games include Mega Life and Dreams. However, bitlife mod apk unlocked remains unique in the depth and variety it offers through fully comprehensive whole-life experiences impacted by statistics, random events and social relationships between customizable characters.

How long does a BitLife take?

There is no set time limit for a single BitLife as the virtual human life can in theory be lived indefinitely. However, most simulated lives that pursue different goals or challenges take players anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours to fully experience, depending on their playstyle.

What is boss mode in BitLife?

Boss Mode is an optional challenging gameplay mode in bitlife mod apk premium where players must complete randomized evil tasks and missions within the BitLife simulation world to progress up the criminal career ladder, with the goal of ultimately becoming the Crime Boss by any means necessary through stealth and risk-taking.

How can I get money in BitLife?

Main methods to make money in the game include having a well paying job, starting a successful business, investing savings wisely in stocks/properties, getting lucky by winning the lottery, inheriting wealth from deceased relatives, finding treasure or digging up artifacts while excavating. Crime can also generate quick cash but carries penalties.

Is BitLife online safe?

Yes, as long as common sense practices are followed like not sharing private details unnecessarily or with unknown users, engaging social/multiplayer functions of BitLife are generally considered safe for all ages. 

Is it ok for a 12 year old to play BitLife?

Yes, but parental supervision is recommended as some scenarios may involve mature topics.

Can you play BitLife on Chrome?

No, bitlife all unlocked apk is only available as a mobile app for iOS and Android. It cannot be played directly on desktop browsers.

Is there a computer version of BitLife?

No, BitLife is exclusively a mobile game app designed for tablets and phones. There is no desktop or computer version available.

What is the max age in BitLife?

There is no set maximum age limit in BitLife. The oldest verified age reached by a player is 145 years old.

Is BitLife kid friendly?

While the core simulation is kid friendly, some life event scenarios may involve mature themes inappropriate for young children without supervision.

Is BitLife like Sims?

BitLife and The Sims both involve simulation gameplay but The Sims focuses on building a home and family while BitLife emphasizes random life events and consequences of choices.

How to get rich in BitLife?

To get rich, focus on high-paying careers like actor, athlete, doctor or lawyer. Invest savings wisely, avoid risky behavior, take advantage of opportunities and inheritances for wealth.

What’s the oldest you can have a baby in BitLife?

The oldest a female Bitizen can have a baby is age 50, and females cannot have babies past age 50 no matter what their fertility or health is like.

How long does a BitLife take?

There is no set time limit for BitLife. Playthroughs can range from just a few in-game years to hundreds of years depending on how long the character’s life spans.

Does BitLife take data?

BitLife does not collect or share any personal user data. It only requires basic device permissions for optional social/cloud features but does not track or sell player information.

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