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Dec 22, 2023
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What is Bondee APK?

Bondee is an apk for talking to friends and family. You can call or send messages to the people you add. Only trusted people can be added to your app. You can ask questions or share things with friends and family in your app. It’s easy to use to stay close to the people important to you even when you are not together. Download unlock all features of Bondee apk from apkworld and enjoy.

Key features of Bondee APK

  • Detailed user profiles with photos, interests, neighborhood info
  • Real-time location-sharing options for neighbors to find you
  • Browse and search map views of active users within radius
  • Send straight messages, comments likes within the app
  • Join and contribute to local group discussions
  • Photo sharing with geotags to pin to physical spots
  • Neighborhood guides and event calendars
  • Push alerts for new posts, replies, profile activity updates
  • Search by user, neighborhood, hashtags, or location name
  • Filter search preferences by gender, distance, etc

Use cases for Bondee

  • Finding babysitters or pet sitters within walking distance
  • Forming carpool arrangements with nearby commuters
  • Organizing neighborhood watch groups or cleanup crews
  • Joining local sports teams, book clubs or parent groups
  • Promoting and RSVPing to block parties and community BBQs
  • Recommending reputable local businesses to friends nearby
  • Alerting others about issues like suspicious activity or litter
  • Rehoming found pets or selling excess yard items to neighbors
  • Enabling elderly residents to get assistance more readily
  • Acting as a virtual community board for civic updates

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FAQs about Bondee APK

Is Bondee available in Play Store?

Bondee is available to download from both the Google Play Store for Android devices as well as the Apple App Store for iOS devices like iPhones. This allows the app to be accessed by users on both major mobile platforms.

What country is Bondee available in?

Bondee is currently available in over 15 countries internationally including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, and parts of Southeast Asia. The app’s availability depends on it being officially supported and marketed within the respective app stores of each nation.

Why is Bondee so popular?

When it first launched, Bondee gained popularity for its novel approach of hyper-local social networking focused exclusively on connecting users within proximity neighborhoods. This sense of community building among residents of the same localized area addressed a gap not filled by broader networks.

Who uses Bondee?

Early adopters of Bondee tended to be younger professionals and families within densely populated suburban communities. Features appealing most included networking across age groups within local areas and organizing neighborhood events.

How do I add someone to my Bondee?

To add a new contact, go to their public profile and select the “+ Follow” option. You can also search by name or browse the maps to find and follow neighbors nearby. Added connections will then have their updates and be messageable within the app.

Who owns Bondee?

Bondee is owned and developed by Metadream, a Singapore-based tech firm. Metadream created the Bondee app concept as a localized social networking platform to help facilitate connections between community members living near each other.

What platforms is Bondee available on?

Originally released only for Android, Bondee can now be accessed through both the Google Play Store for Android devices as well as the Apple App Store for iOS devices like iPhones.

How do I visit my neighbor in Bondee?

Bondee doesn’t enable direct visits, but tapping a neighbor’s profile shows if they’re currently active online, and includes options to message them to potentially organize a meetup. You can also view their posted content, check-ins and discussions to learn more about them and find shared interests.

How do I share a QR code on Bondee?

Bondee doesn’t support generating or scanning QR codes directly. However, you can upload images of QR codes to share links or profiles with neighbors. Alternatively, copy the text link and paste it into app messages or comments to transfer it between users.

How do I copy a QR link?

To copy the actual text link embedded within a QR code, you need a QR code reader/scanner. The scanner will decode the QR image and display the encoded website/contact/etc. The text can then be copied directly from the scanner interface.

How can I attract my Neighbour?

Engage with your neighbor’s profile by liking their posts, participating in discussions they join, and directly messaging them to introduce yourself. Share helpful local content and voluntarily organize neighborhood meetups or groups they can join. Being friendly, approachable and offering value are great ways to foster initial connections.

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