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About Carrom Pool Apk

Carrom Pool Apk is a free classic multiplayer board game offering three exciting game modes Carrom, Free Style, and Disc Pool. You can challenge your friends to multiplayer matches, compete against top players, and even enjoy offline play. In Carrom Pool, you can unlock various strikers and pucks, upgrade them to win free victory chests with exciting rewards. The game also features a brand new 2v2 mode for classic 4 player carrom matches with family and friends. Carrom Pass owners can enjoy voice and video chat while playing. Don’t miss out on daily opportunities to try your luck with the free golden shot, open lucky boxes, and spin the wheel to unlock premium items. You can download the latest version of the game from Apkworld and enjoy.

Features of Carrom Pool

Multiplayer Board Gaming and Matches

Carrom Pool apk is a free to play classic multiplayer board game available on various platforms. With its diverse game modes and engaging features, it offers endless hours of entertainment for players of all ages and skill levels.

Three Exciting Game Modes

In Carrom Pool apk players have the opportunity of three thrilling game modes. Carrom, Free Style, and Disc Pool. Each mode presents unique challenges and gameplay mechanics.

Carrom: A mode where players aim to pocket all their pieces using the striker.

Free Style: Allows players to experiment with creative shots and strategies, offering a more relaxed gaming experience.

Disc Pool: A fast-paced variant of carrom played with discs, adding an exciting twist to the gameplay.

Multiplayer Matches and Competitions

Carrom Pool offers robust multiplayer functionality. Players can challenge their friends to intense multiplayer matches or compete against top players from around the world. Additionally, the game supports offline play, ensuring that players can enjoy the action anytime, anywhere.

Unlockable Strikers and Pucks

The Carrom Pool game players have the opportunity to unlock various strikers and pucks, each with its unique attributes and abilities. By upgrading these items, players can unleash frenzy on the board and gain a competitive edge over their opponents.

2v2 Mode for Classic Matches

Carrom Pool introduces a brand new 2v2 mode. Team up with a partner and strategize your way to victory in this exciting multiplayer format.

Carrom Pass Benefits

Players who subscribe to the Carrom Pass gain access to exclusive benefits, including voice and video chat while playing. This feature enhances the social aspect of the game, allowing players to communicate and strategize in real time with their teammates.

Daily Freebies and Rewards

Carrom Pool Apk offers players daily opportunities to earn freebies and rewards. From the free golden shot to lucky boxes and spin the wheel, there are plenty of chances to unlock premium items and enhance your gaming experience.

Weekly Time Limited Events

The Carrom Pool apk hosts weekly time-limited events. These events introduce new challenges, rewards, and arenas, ensuring that players always have something new to look forward to.

Glorious Arenas Worldwide

It features glorious arenas set in locations worldwide. Each arena offers its unique atmosphere and challenges, adding depth and variety to the gameplay experience.

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FAQs about Carrom Pool APK

Can I play Carrom Pool offline?

Yes, the offline mode is available for the game to play.

Are there any social features in Carrom Pool APK?

Yes, Carrom Pool apk offers social features such as voice and video chat for Carrom Pass subscribers, allowing players to communicate while playing.

Is Carrom Pool APK safe to download and play?

Yes, you can download Carrom Pool APK from with confidence. APKWORLD staff scan and check every APK file multiple times with antivirus software to ensure safety. Simply download and enjoy the game without any concerns.

How often are new events introduced in Carrom Pool apk?

Carrom Pool apk hosts weekly time-limited events, introducing new challenges, rewards, and arenas for players to enjoy.

What platforms is Carrom Pool apk available on?

Carrom Pool apk is available on both Android and iOS devices.

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