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Dragon Ball Legends has a mod menu that includes god mode and one-hit kill. With god mode, your characters can’t be beaten, and with a one-hit kill, they defeat enemies in a single hit. Best of all, everything is free, so you don’t need to spend money on dragon stones to get strong characters. You can download it safely from Apkworld.

Features of Dragon Ball Legends APK

Unlimited Resources

This allows you to get unlimited money and crystals in the game without spending real money. You’ll never run out of resources to upgrade your characters.

Mod Menu

This hidden menu can be used to modify game settings like increasing a character’s power levels beyond normal limits to easily win battles.

All Unlocked

With this feature, you can unlock all characters without having to progress in the game or spend money. Use your favorite superheroes right from the start.

High Damage

Characters will deal significantly higher damage compared to normal. This helps finish battles quickly so you can enjoy the game faster.

Unlimited Crystals

Similar to unlimited resources, this provides unlimited crystals that can be used to boost characters. No need to spend hours grinding for crystals.

Story Mode

An additional story mode lets you enjoy new single-player adventures and training sessions with Dragon Ball characters.


The Apk retains the beautiful anime-like graphics and cutscenes from the original game.

Large Roster

Take part in battles and collect a huge variety of characters spanning the entire Dragon Ball universe.

Strategy Battles

Unique card-based battles still require skill and planning to overcome opponents despite boosted character stats.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

While Xenoverse 2 is not strictly a mobile game, it offers a different take on Dragon Ball Legends combat. Developed by Dimps and published by Bandai Namco, it presents arena battles in a 3D fighting game format rather than a card collection. 

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FAQS about Dragon Ball Legends APK

What happens if you delete Dragon Ball Legends?

If you delete the Dragon Ball Legend app from your device, your account data will not be erased or lost as it is linked to your registered device.

Can you give a gift to Dragon Ball Legends?

Gifting specific items or currencies directly to other players is not possible in DB Legends mod apk currently. The only way to support other players is by equipping friendly battle characters that they may get value from during co-op raids or PvP matches.

How can I make my Dragon Ball Legends account stronger?

To make your Dragon Ball Legend Mod APK account stronger, focus on soul-boosting new and powerful characters to maximize their stats and abilities. Prioritize recommended Z-equips, and complete ultra space-time rush for chrono crystals every two weeks to accumulate currency for summons. 

Who is the strongest Saiyan in DB legends?

The strongest Saiyan fighter in the Dragon Ball Legends download app currently is Zenkai 7 Son Family Goku. His zenkai buffs make him exceptionally powerful with immense offensive abilities and health recovery.

Who is stronger than Goku?

In Dragon Ball Legends APK download 2023 the characters that are stronger than Goku based on canonical feats include Beerus, Whis, Zeno, and other highly advanced angels, fighters from universes with higher mortal levels than Universe 7, etc.


Who is the strongest enemy in Dragon Ball Legends Apk?

One of the most formidable enemies in the DB Legends mods storyline is Fu, an otherworldly being who threatens the entire multiverse with godly powers far surpassing Goku and Vegeta.

What do the colors mean in DB Legends?

In DB Legends, the card colors indicate rarity – sparking (red) being the rarest and most powerful, extreme (purple), and hero (green) being common farmable units.

Who is the most popular character in Dragon Ball Legends Apk?

Goku remains undisputedly the most popular character in Dragon Ball Legends among players. Vegeta is a close second due to his constantly evolving forms and story relevance paralleling Goku.

What is the best team in Dragon Ball Legend?

Some of the strongest teams dominating the current meta include Son Family, God Ki, Regen, Saiyans, and Future with optimal boosted characters like Zenkai LF Goku, Vados, Z7 Cell, and Zenkai SSJ3 Goku.

Who is stronger, Goku or Broly?

In their latest mastered forms, Goku has generally surpassed Broly in the anime and games. However, the Full Power form of Broly displayed in the films remains a tremendous threat, easily overpowering both Goku and Vegeta together at his peak.

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