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Dragon City apk is a game where you build a magical dragon island, find dragon eggs, hatch them, and collect different types of dragons. With unlimited free gems, you can build homes, farms, and play areas for your dragons. Some can fly and some can breathe fire. You can play with friends and fight other dragons. You can safely download Dragon City from Apkworld.



Build Your Dragon City

  • Dragons need different habitats like forests or lakes to be happy. Use gold coins to build habitats for Fire dragons, Nature dragons, and more.
  • Farms let you grow food for the dragons. Plant corn fields, berry bushes and other crops in Dragon City mod apk free download.
  • Build decorative structures, research labs and dragon gyms. Expand your islands by buying new floating land areas.
  • Unlock customization options to decorate your islands with trees, flowers and statues. Make your city beautiful!

Collect and Breed Dragons

  • Hatch dragon eggs found on your islands or in the shop. Different eggs give Common, Rare and Epic dragons.
  • Feed and train baby dragons to help them grow strong and evolve into new forms.
  • Breed two adult dragons together in the Breeding Cave. This can produce a brand new Hybrid dragon species.
  • Collect over 150 unique dragons and complete your Dragon Collection.

Dragon Battles

  • Gather your strongest dragons and challenge other players’ cities in Dragon City apk download the latest version. Send your dragons into battle as a team.
  • Win trophies, coins and extra rewards. Lose battles and you’ll lose your rewards.

Features of  Dragon City APK

Unique Dragon Skills

As dragons level up in battles, they learn unique combat abilities to provide strategy options in battles.

Personalized Goals

The game provides customized progression goals and rewards tailored to each player’s gameplay habits and city development level.

New VIP Dragon Family

Rare Noble Rainbow dragons were added with very high base stats, useful for earning more gold in battles and challenges.

Custom Divine Pass for New Users

New players receive a guided early game questline and bonuses to streamline their initial experience in the dragon breeding world.

Unlimited Resources

With mod features, players can access unlimited gold for purchases and unlimited gems for premium unlocks without real money payments.

All Content Unlocked

All dragons, habitats, levels, skins, and other purchasable items can now be acquired and upgraded without limitation.

Multiplayer Access

Connect and compete with the global Dragon City community through social and PvP features.

Farming System

Grow and harvest crops to feed hungry baby dragons as they mature into powerful beasts.


Test dragon skills in arena challenges and climb the PvP rankings. Strategy is key.

City Building

Manage your sprawling dragon sanctuary with decorative buildings and spacious habitats.

Similar Games Like Dragon City APK

Dragon Mania

Dragon Mania lets you collect and battle with over 400 magical dragons. You can breed new hybrid dragon species and venture into castles to duel other players.


In DragonVale, you tend a magical dragon preserve. Breed rare dragon species and decorate your valley with habitats, gardens and attractions. Earn gems to unlock more land and dragons.

Monster Legends

This game has over 800 unique monsters to discover. Raise monster armies and fight epic PvP battles in the arena. Build expansive monster habitats on your evolving islands.

My Singing Monsters

In My Singing Monsters, you cultivate magical singing monster habitats. Breed rare combinations to unlock new endemic monsters. Compose unique tunes using your whole collection of vocal monsters.

Pocket Frogs

Pocket Frogs lets you adopt virtual frogs and build environments in your aquatic pond. Breed colorful frog species and trade with friends. Join community events and challenges.

Summoners War

Summoners War puts powerful magical summons at your command. Assemble runed teams of monsters and duel in guild wars. Craft dozens of summoners and conquer the game’s PvP arena battles.

Battle Camp

Battle Camp has you leading Viking clans to raid other players. Recruit diverse warriors, craft weapons and fortify your camp to defend against attacks. Dominate global leaderboards.

Beastie Bay

In Beastie Bay, nurture adorable sea creatures and help them evolve. Craft nautical decor like coral reefs and shipwrecks to host varied ocean wildlife. Trade pets with the global community

FAQs Regarding Dragon City APK

Is Dragon City playable on PCs?

Dragon City is strictly a mobile game and can only be played on devices like phones and tablets. It is not compatible with PCs.

What mobile game has similar gameplay to Dragon City?

Games like DragonVale, Dragon Mania, and Monster Legends involve tending magical creatures in an expanding city environment, comparable to Dragon City’s core mechanics.

Is Dragon City Mobile considered an enjoyable game?

Most player reviews find Dragon City highly engaging for fans of casual dragon collection/city building due to vibrant graphics and community aspects.

What is generally viewed as the most powerful dragon in Dragon City?

The Prideful Vampire legendary dragon is typically seen as the strongest monster currently available in the game.

Is success dependent on spending real money in Dragon City?

While spending shortcuts progress, dedicated free players can still achieve high levels, collections, and competitive rankings with careful strategy over time without paying.

How can a legendary dragon be obtained in Dragon City Mobile?

The main normal methods are earning habitat pieces/eggs from events/chests, very rare hatching of epic eggs, or repeated epic dragon breeding with the right elements.

What is the method for breeding a completely legendary pure dragon?

The best-known pairing is breeding two Prideful Vampire dragons together, which has an extremely low success rate.

What is the quickest path to acquiring a hero-level dragon in Dragon City?

Dragon City download is a simulation game and you have to actively participate in league events to reach the very top tiers, as high placements regularly reward heroic habitat pieces and eggs.

Why must Dragons be provided food in Dragon City?

Feeding dragons presents challenges that drive continued engagement over time and also factors into breeding mechanics that require healthy fully-fed adult dragons.

How can unlimited gems and coins be accessed in the Dragon City gameplay?

In this version of Dragon City, all the coins and gems are unlocked and free to use without any limits and purchases.

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