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KingoRoot App

KingoRoot allows you to become the “super user” of your device, also known as getting “root access”.With KingoRoot, you can unlock extra powers and capabilities in your phone. Once you get root access, it opens up more possibilities to customize and optimize your phone.One really cool thing KingoRoot can do is clean up memory that slows phones over time. By clearing caches and bugs, KingoRoot keeps phones feeling fast and running smoothly.It also backs up your phone’s settings, so if something goes wrong you can go back to how it was with one click.

Streamline your device and get superuser access

Kingoroot allows you to streamline your Android device and access its full potential. With a simple one-click process, it grants superuser permissions to optimize performance. No more unwanted preinstalled apps or storage issues. Kingoroot clears cache, frees space and boosts speed. As a superuser, you can customize settings, install mods and truly make it your own.

Requirements of KingoRoot App

Device: The device must be running an Android operating system. KingoRoot supports most Android versions from 4.0 to 10.0.
Storage: The app requires at least 50 MB of free storage space on the device for installation.
RAM: A minimum of 1GB RAM is recommended for smooth functioning of the app and rooting process.
USB Drivers: If rooting via PC, the latest USB drivers for the device must be installed on the computer.
Accounts: KingoRoot does not require creating an account but internet access is needed for some features.
Computer: Not required for standalone rooting but a Windows or Mac computer is needed if using KingoRoot with a data cable.
Safety: It is recommended to back up all device data before rooting in case any issues occur.
Skills: No advanced technical skills are needed. Even beginners can root devices via the easy one-click interface.
Patience: The rooting process may take 5-10 minutes depending on device specifications.

Features of KingoRoot App

Feature Description
One-Click Root Allows users to root their Android device with just one click.
Block unwanted ads Root access helps install an ad-blocking module that can block intrusive advertisements across apps and browsers for a better user experience.
Backup and update phone The app back ups current rooted settings and data so it can be restored in future. 
Unroot Option Provides a simple option to unroot the device with one click, in case the user no longer needs root access or wants to revert for any reason.
Easy to use Even non-technical users can gain root access through the intuitive and simplified user interface without any learning curve.
Root any Android device It supports rooting almost all types of Android devices across different brands and versions.
Highest administrative access Rooting gives full superuser permissions allowing users to manage and modify phone settings, files at a deeper level.
Custom Recovery KingoRoot also helps flash custom recoveries like TWRP or OrangeFox on devices for extra functionality like advanced repairs, mods etc.


Alternatives to KingoRoot APK

unrEVOked is an open source root app compatible with many devices but relies on exploits in bootloader or kernel to gain root access requiring enabling OEM unlock and USB debugging, not as simple as one click like KingoRoot but offers granular customization.

SRSRoot specializes in rooting Samsung Galaxy models quickly without tripping Knox, focuses on Samsung devices from various years through a simple interface and rarely damages phones in failed attempts but may not support very old or new Samsung devices.

Framaroot is known for quickly rooting Android phones from 2013-2015 based on exploits in firmware to grant root permission, it only works on some older devices and is incompatible with newer phones providing easy one click operation for supported models.

BusyBox X Pro
BusyBox X Pro provides several root utilities and functions in one package enabling flexible modifications through busybox core utilities but requires prior root access, not a standalone root solution and more complex for beginners.

Super Root Android
Super Root Android is a universal root app that claims to support all Android devices however the success rate varies and may not work on newer phones, it has a simple clicks to root interface like KingoRoot but with potentially loose privacy and permissions settings for apps with root.

FAQS about KingoRoot App

Will I lose my data during the rooting process in KingoRoot?
No, KingoRoot has an option to back up your phone before rooting. So your data remains safe even if something goes wrong during the process.

What are the advantages of rooting my Android device with the KingoRoot App?
You get full control over the system files and settings. You can remove bloatware, install custom mods and ROMs, block ads, improve battery life and more.

Can I unroot my device after using Kingo Android Root?
Yes, KingoRoot provides an option to unroot your device with just one click, in case you don’t need root access anymore.

Can I trust KingoRoot?
KingoRoot is considered safe and one of the most reliable rooting tools. Just make sure to download from the official site and follow instructions carefully.

Can KingoRoot root Android 9?
Yes, KingoRoot supports rooting most Android versions including the latest Android 9 Pie release on many devices.

Which is better: KingoRoot vs KingRoot?
Download KingoRoot apk is generally safer and more reliable compared to KingRoot which may compromise privacy and security. KingoRoot also has a simpler interface.

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