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What Is Lightroom APK?

Lightroom APK is a Complete Photo editing tool developed by Adobe. It Offering Users Many Presets, lights, Details, effects, Colour grading, Curves, and Auto adjust their Photos right from their mobile devices. With the Lightroom Premium Unlocked, Masking feature, and Premium Presets, can enhance their images, and achieve a perfect final result.


Getting Started with Lightroom Mobile App

Lightroom Mobile App Account Set Up

  • Creating Adobe ID – If not already done, go to to generate a free Adobe ID with username and password. This serves as the login for Creative Cloud services.
  • Signing into Lightroom Mobile app – Open the app and tap the menu icon. Select “Sign in” and enter Adobe ID credentials. This links your devices and syncs to Creative Cloud.
  • Syncing with Creative Cloud – Once logged in, photos edited in Lightroom on any device will sync automatically through Creative Cloud. 

Photo Editing with Lightroom Mod APK

Key Editing Tools and Capabilities

  • Crop And Rotate– Exactly Crop unnecessary areas from the sides of photos. Lightroom mod APK download premium unlocked old version allows changing crop ratios and rotating the view.
  • Color adjustments – Strong sliders to adjust temperature, tint, saturation, and other hues by instinct on the mobile touchscreen.
  • Selecting adjustments – Separate Improve and Map/Keywords tabs organize individual edit types.
  • Select Masking – Select Area for masking on photos to remove unwanted objects.
  • Geometry corrections – Level, straighten out, and perspective tools for repairing posture and aligning lines in landscapes, architecture, and other shots needing geometric cleanup.
  • Import RAW Images – Adobe Lightroom has a Special feature to import RAW images on a smartphone or tablet.

Alternatives to Lightroom Apk

Adobe Photoshop Express

The mobile edition of Photoshop for non-destructive photo editing on the go. Bring popular desktop tools anywhere for touch-ups.


Photoroom APK offers a user-friendly interface, making it simple for everyone, including resellers, small businesses, and creators, to utilize its advanced editing tools.


Remini is an application that was created to enhance and restore the quality of old and low-pixel photos.


Pixellab is a most useable app that offers a wide range of text adding on photos.

FAQ About Lightroom Mobile App

What file types does it support?

It supports the most common photo formats like JPEGs, PNGs, TIFFs, and also RAW files from DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Videos are not supported for editing.

Can I use it offline?

You can view and make minor edits offline but full functionality requires signing into your Adobe account for syncing across devices. Edits saved once back online.

Is Lightroom APK safe to download?

Yes, you can download the Lightroom mod APK from with confidence.APKWORLD staff scan and check each and every app multiple times with antivirus software to ensure safety. Simply download and enjoy the Lightroom features without any concerns.

Can I use Lightroom mobile without a subscription?

You can download and use Lightroom Mobile’s basic features like viewing, organizing, and simple edits without a subscription.

What happens to my photos if I cancel the Lightroom subscription?

Your full original photos will remain safely stored in your Adobe account. But you won’t be able to sync, access, or edit them until resuming the subscription. Basic viewing may still work without syncing.

Can you edit raw in Lightroom for free?

Yes, Lightroom Mobile’s free version allows non-destructive raw photo editing capabilities on mobile devices through the Develop module. This includes adjustments like exposure, color changes, etc.

Can Lightroom mobile read RAW?

Yes, Lightroom Mobile supports opening, viewing, and editing RAW files from DSLR and mirrorless camera sensors directly on iOS and Android devices for on-the-go raw development.

Is Lightroom for Android paid?

No, Lightroom Mobile for Android devices is free to download from Apkworld

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