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About NewPipe Mod Apk

NewPipe Apk is a free, modified and open source music player app for Android phones and tablets in which you can watch videos without ads and all of the premium features are unlocked. You can use it to listen to music and podcasts without needing an internet connection. It works differently than other popular music apps as it does not require you to make an account or log in. NewPipe downloads music directly from websites instead of storing songs inside the app. This means you can listen to as much free music as you want without running out of space on your device.

Requirements of NewPipe Music Player APK

Android phone or tablet

NewPipe can only be used on devices that have Android 5.0 and up.

Internet connection

You need internet to initially browse and find songs on. However, once downloaded, songs can be played offline.

Storage space

Songs are temporarily stored on your device to play offline. Make sure you have at least 1-2GB free space available for downloads and caching.

App permissions

The app requires access to basic functions like WiFi, storage and playing audio. It does not require personal details like contacts or location access.

Features of NewPipe Music Player APK

Feature Description
Offline playback Songs can be downloaded and listened to later without an Internet connection. This allows you to enjoy music anywhere.
Browse multiple sites Find songs from popular sites like YouTube, YouTube Music and SoundCloud all in one app. NewPipe extracts just the audio.
Playlist support Create and save your own custom playlists to better organize songs. Add tracks and come back to play them later as a queue.
Background playback Listen to downloaded tracks even when the phone screen is locked or another app is open. Music in the background will be playing.
Video download Entire music videos can also be saved to watch offline. This feature allows you to enjoy videos without using up your data.
Dark theme A black dark mode is available which is easier on eyes in low light. It also helps save battery by using darker colours that require less screen brightness.
No ads or track limits You will have an uninterrupted ad-free listening experience. Unlike other apps, here you can play any song for as long as you want without limits.
No login needed Your music and preferences are not linked to an online account. Anyone can use NewPipe without signing up for personal details.

Alternates of NewPipe Music Player APK


This is one of the largest music streaming services. It has a huge library of songs and podcasts. You can play offline after signing up for a free or paid plan. Downside is it requires WiFi/data and has occasional ads.

YouTube Music

From the makers of YouTube, this app allows you to find and play music videos and songs from YouTube. It has a clean interface and smart features like automatic playlists. Requires login and Internet.

Gaana Hindi Song Music App

Popular music app in India with vast Indian music collection. It has Hindi, Punjabi and other local songs. The free version has ads but you can go ad-free with a premium subscription.


Another great option for Indian music lovers. Clean interface, personalized recommendations and lots of Bollywood playlists. Both free and paid subscriptions are available to access full features.

Music Player: Play Music

Play Music is Google’s official music streaming and downloading app. It has a large library of songs from popular artists around the world. You can browse through different categories like genres, decades and moods to find new music.

FAQS for NewPipe Music Player APK

Is NewPipe free to use Apk?

Yes, newpipe download is completely free and open source and is available in the latest version on You don’t need to pay any subscription fees.

What kind of files does NewPipe Music Player support?

NewPipe primarily supports common audio formats like MP3, M4A, FLAC and OGG. It can also download music videos in common formats like MP4.

Can I find songs on NewPipe Music Player?

Yes, NewPipe mod apk lets you browse songs and playlists from popular sites like YouTube, YouTube Music and SoundCloud to find and download audio files.

Does NewPipe Music Player work without the Internet?

Yes, once you download songs or videos using WiFi on NewPipe Music Player, you can play them later without an Internet connection as well.

Can I create customized playlists on NewPipe Music Player?

Yes, newpipe latest version lets you make your own playlists by adding songs you like. You can also rearrange songs, name playlists and come back to play them.

How much storage space does NewPipe Music Player require?

The exact storage space required depends on how many songs or videos are downloaded. But generally 1-2GB of free internal storage space is sufficient to use NewPipe Music Player.

Can I listen to music downloaded on NewPipe Music Player on other devices?

No, music and playlists downloaded using the newpipe app will only be accessible on the same device. They cannot be synced across or played on other phones or tablets.

Does NewPipe Music Player support playing in the background?

Yes, once you start playing a song, it will continue playing even when the app is closed or the phone’s screen is turned off.

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