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What is Alight Motion?

Alight Motion is a with a lot of features in a mobile app for making professional-quality video edits, motion graphics, and explainer animations directly from your device or tablet.

With Alight Motion, you can unlock all of its professional tools for free. Now you can add fun effects, animations, and transformations without limits. Additionally, advertisements and watermarks are removed so you can heavily focus on your projects. In this version, you have access to all premium features to explore your imaginative side.

Features Of Alight Motion Mod APK

  • No Watermark Removes the app’s default watermark from exported videos.
  • No Ads Removes intrusive ads during video editing.
  • Support All PresetsFull premium video presets and effects are unlocked for free use.
  • Import Every Font Ability to use custom external fonts without purchasing a license.
  • Unlocked All Effects All effect filters, transitions, and animation are available for free.
  • Chroma Key Modern green screen and chroma key chroma keying tools unlocked.
  • XML Support Support for professional XML files for advanced video projects.
  • No LagHighly improves speed and reduces lag even on low-end devices.
  • Multilayer Support – Alight Motion allows multiplayer to edit videos with animation and effect
  • Grouping and Masking – Professional level optimization is made possible with the group of ability and create masks of videos.
  • Color Adjustment and Customization – Editing lovers can adjust colors and change them according to their choice, providing a high degree of customization for a personalized touch to every project.

Alternatives to Alight Motion Apk


CapCut is also known as a free official TikTok video editor application with a wide range of features such as free presets by lots of creators, music, and other transition effects. It is versatile and simple to use.


Splice is a Powerful video editing app with layers, masks, keyframes, and effects. Remix videos using stock footage.


KineMaster is a video editing tool that is currently the best tool available for Android. Feature-rich video maker with customizable themes and transitions. Create cinematic videos easily on mobile.


Lumafusion APK is a powerful video editing app that turns your videos into masterpieces with ease. With features like speed control, multi-track editing, and modern editing tools, you can craft pure soundscapes and add titling and text effects effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Alight Motion APK

Does it support XML Files?

Yes, Now Alight Motion supports XML Files and you can simply import files from anywhere.

Is Alright Motion good?

Yes, Alight Motion mod APK is considered a high-quality video editing app, especially for its capabilities on mobile. It offers professional-grade motion graphics and animation tools normally found only in desktop programs.

How do I make my screen move in Alight Motion?

To make the frame or “screen” move in Alight Motion, you animate the position property of the main composition layer over time using keyframes. Select this top layer in the Layers panel, then place position keyframes where you want the movement to start and end. Adjust the X and Y coordinates between keyframes to create panning, zooming, or other motion of the entire scene.

Is Alight Motion free?

Yes, Alight Motion APK for Android is free to use from

Can I use the APK of Alight Motion Mod without an internet connection?

The application of Alight Motion doesn’t require an internet connection, but you require a stable internet connection whenever you want to share your work with friends.

Does Alight Motion save projects?

Yes, Alight Motion app automatically saves projects as you work so there is no risk of losing progress. Files are saved directly on your device by default.

Does deleting Alight Motion delete my projects?

Deleting the Alight Motion Pro APK will not delete any project files that were saved to your device or cloud account. If projects were only ever opened within the app but not specifically saved, they cannot be recovered once the app is uninstalled.

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