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About Efectum Apk

Efectum apk is a video editing app where you can make cool videos for social media. Add clips, change their speed to slow or fast motion, and add fun filters and music. The best part is you can trim videos to the best bits or cut them any way you need. With Efectum, you can reverse your videos and see them go in reverse motion. You can add colorful filters, and sparkles, or even change the colors to give your videos a different look and feel.

Efectum Apk Features And Details

Video Trimmer

The video trimmer tool in Efectum apk mod allows users to trim unwanted sections from video clips precisely. Users can’t scrub through the video timeline using their fingers to select the exact frames they want to keep in or cut out. 

Video Cutter

The video cutter feature allows users to cut their videos into multiple smaller segments anywhere within the timeline. Efectum app allows dividing long videos into shorter, sharper snippets. Users can then rearrange the cut segments in any order while editing.

Video Speed Changer

Video speed changer helps users adjust any video clip’s speed from 1.2x to an astonishing 10x faster or slower than normal. This allows creation of dramatic slow-motion effects or comically fast-forwarding through parts. The changer has a simple slider to fine-tune the velocity.

Slow Motion Tool

 With one or two button taps, users can seamlessly slow down action or impactful moments in videos to appreciate the finer details. This is a great way to draw more attention and emphasize high points.

Video Merger

The video merger lets users join together multiple individual video clips into a single continuous video. Whether it’s combining the highlights of an event or merging the scenes of a story, this comes in handy to tell a narrative through video. Precise positioning controls help arrange the merged segments.


Efectum apk offers a wide range of built-in video filters that can be easily applied with a single tap. This includes filters like black & white, blur, vintage, thermal, and many more creative looks. Each filter has adjustable intensity so users can customize the stylized effect. Additionally, filters help shorten videos by drawing focus to essential parts or adding a uniform aesthetic.

Text Overlay

Efectum mod apk allows the insertion of text overlays on videos. Users can freely type using the built-in keyboard, tweak font type and size, as well as formatting like bolded or italicized text.


Efectum Ocean of apk no watermark contains several transition effects to smoothly blend one video clip to another. Common ones include crossfade, slide, and wipe. Transitions make the merged videos feel more like a cohesive, professionally edited single production.

Audio Tweaks

Advanced audio customization like volume adjustment, mute, and fade in/out effects are built-in. Users can even lower the existing audio from source clips while raising the new audio beds for maximum flexibility. Whether adding background music tracks or recording a voiceover, these precise controls ensure the audio mix is balanced throughout the final video.


For a playful element, Efectum mod offers a massive library of customizable stickers, emojis, shapes, and icons. Users can pick from categories like animals, food, activities to freely overlay on any video frame. Well-placed stickers enhance videos with fun comments or reactions. Multiple can also be layered for interactive video moments.

Efectum Pro App

Efectum Pro APK download is an image and video editing app for Android devices. It provides advanced editing tools and features that allow users to create, edit, and enhance photos and videos. Some key features include photo filters and effects, templates, drawing tools, video editing capabilities, and more.

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FAQs About Efectum Apk

What is the effect of slow-motion reverse cam fast video?

Efectum slow motion reverse cam fast video mod apk allows you to apply various effects like slow motion, fast motion, and reverse/rewind to videos. Slow motion will play the video at a slower speed for dramatic highlights. Fast motion speeds it up. Reverse plays video backwards.

Does slow motion increase FPS?

No, slow motion does not increase the frame rate (FPS) of the video. It plays back the existing frames at a slower speed to stretch out the video duration, making actions appear slower than normal speed.

What is the best video setting for slow motion?

Higher frame rates like 120FPS or above capture more frames and result in smoother slow-motion videos when played back at normal speed. Most high-end smartphones support slow motion up to 240 FPS.

Can we convert normal video to slow motion?

Yes, Efectum apk allows you to apply a slow motion effect on normal 30FPS videos as well to get a cinematic look. However, a higher original FPS is preferable for better-quality slow-mo videos.

How can I add slow motion to multiple parts of a video?

In Efectum apk, apply slow motion selectively to different sections by splitting the video into clips and then using slow motion individually on each part you want to slow down separately.

How to export slow motion video from Efectum?

After applying slow motion and any other edits, tap “Export” to save the final edited video file in high quality. You can choose from multiple formats and resolutions.

What video formats support slow motion best?

High-quality formats like MP4 and MOV preserve the quality of slow motion best. Lower resolutions or highly compressed formats like 3GP may cause imperfections. MP4 is recommended for smooth slow-mo videos.

How much space does a slow motion video take?

High frame rate videos and resultant large files take more storage space. On average, a 1-minute 1080p 120FPS video saved as MP4 in Efectum would be around 100MB in size.

Can slow motion be added to multiple clips at once?

No, slow motion needs to be applied individually to each split video segment. Efectum mod doesn’t have any batch effects option currently.

Is there a limit on slow-motion video length?

Practically, longer durations mean larger files. But there’s no hard limit in Efectum apk on slow motion video export length as such.

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