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eFootball 2024 is an exciting soccer game where you can build your own dream team by signing famous players from around the world. You can then play matches against other teams controlled by the computer or other players online. As you win matches, you earn coins and items that make your players better at dribbling, shooting and other skills. The more you play, the stronger your team becomes!

 eFootball 2024 Platform Availability

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X and Series S
  • Microsoft Windows
  • iOS
  • Available on Android 7 and up

eFootball 2024 Gameplay Details

Building Your Dream Team

To start playing eFootball 2024 mod download, you’ll need to build your dream soccer team. The game allows you to sign licensed players from top clubs around the world. You can scout and sign both current star players as well as retired legends of the game. Once you’ve signed players and built your squad, you can customize their positions, formations and playstyles.

Playing Matches

There are various single-player and multiplayer modes to play matches in eFootball 2024 mod menu apk. In Events mode, you can participate in weekly online competitions and earn rewards. There is also a League mode where you can get promoted or relegated between divisions based on your ranking. You can play friendly exhibition matches against the AI as well as compete against other users from around the world in Live Online mode.

Player Training and Development

As you play more matches, your signed players will earn EXP points and increase their overall ratings. You can also train players individually to boost their skills like shooting, passing, dribbling etc. Training programs awarded as rewards can help power up players quickly. Highly rated players can further be developed using skill points to maximize their abilities.

In-Match Tactics

The game focuses on realistic soccer simulation with options to customize formations, tactics and team instructions. You can switch formations during matches and manually control player movements on the pitch. Precision dribbling, skill moves, feints and one-two pass combinations feel very responsive. Defending requires good timing and positioning to tackle opponents and clear balls.

Other modes

Other than the main offline and online competitive modes, the game features a Co-op mode to play friendly matches with your friends in teams of up to 3vs3. There is also a Match Labor mode to simulate automatic matches and earn EXP and coins in the background while you are busy with other tasks.

Features of eFootball MOD APK

Feature Description
Unlimited Money And Coins In-game currencies like coins and cash are refilled infinitely.
Free Shopping Ability to buy any player, kit or item without cost.
Ads-Free Removes annoying popup and banner ads while playing.
Cancel a Match Pause online matches and quit without penalty if losing.
Mega Hit Every shot is automatically a powerful unblockable hit.
God Mode Player is invincible, cannot be tackled or injured.
Auto Win Simulates autoplay and guarantees victory in all online matches.
Unlimited Stamina Player stamina never depletes, allowing unlimited sprinting.
No Skill Restrictions Removes level/rating limits allowing use of high potential players.

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FAQs regarding  eFootball 2024 Game

Does eFootball 2024 have a career mode?

No, eFootball mod apk unlimited money mobile version does not have a dedicated career mode. It focuses on quick match mode only.

What is new in eFootball 2024?

eFootball 2024 update, features player databases and kits for the new 2024 season. Some minor gameplay tweaks and improvements have also been made compared to eFootball 2023 pc.

What country made eFootball?

eFootball is developed and published by Konami, a Japanese video game developer and publisher.

Is eFootball 2024 an online game?

Yes, eFootball 2024 apk obb download is primarily an online game on mobile. It requires an internet connection to play matches against other players. Some offline practice matches can also be played.

How big is the eFootball mobile?

The size of the eFootball leagues 2024 mobile app is approximately 2.55 GB on Android devices.

What is the best team play style in eFootball 2024?

The most effective play styles in eFootball 2024 download pc are short passing possession game and counter attacking style. Barcelona and Manchester United are some of the top teams for these approaches.

What is the release date of efootball 2024?

efootball 2024 release date is between mid-September to late September 2023, following the typical annual schedule.

Can I play eFootball with 2GB RAM?

It may be difficult to play eFootball 2024 smoothly on a mobile device with only 2GB RAM. The minimum recommended RAM is 3GB for an optimal experience.

Is FIFA or PES eFootball better?

This is a hotly debated topic. Both FIFA and PES on pc have their pros and cons. In terms of licenses, FIFA has more authentic teams and leagues. But some feel eFootball on pc has slightly better gameplay mechanics. It’s down to personal preference.

How to get legendary players in eFootball 2024?

The best way to get top player cards in eFootball 2024 pc is to trade and scout regularly. Player packs can also be purchased using in-game coins or points earned through playing matches.

What time is eFootball 2024 Mobile coming out?

eFootball 2024 mod apk unlimited money and gems was made available to download from apkwolrd.app,  There was no pre-fixed exact release time – users could access it once it was live in their region’s that day.

Can Samsung A13 play eFootball 2024?

The Samsung A13 has 3GB RAM which meets the minimum requirement for eFootball 2024. However, the performance may not be very smooth depending on the processor and other specifications. It can still be tried but expecting occasional lags.

How much RAM does eFootball need?

The minimum recommended RAM requirement for eFootball 2024 on Android devices is 3GB RAM for decent performance. 4GB or higher RAM is preferable for a better experience without lags.

Is eFootball 2023 Mobile worth playing?

Yes, eFootball 2023 mod apk unlimited money is still worth playing even after the 2024 release. The core gameplay remains similar and it has a large online player base. The 2023 version can be enjoyed without the need to download extra GB data for the 2024 update.

What is efootball 2023 mod apk?

The efootball 2023 mod apk unlimited money and coins download lets you have unlimited funds to build the best football team. With unlimited money and coins, you can sign your favorite real players without restrictions.

Is eFootball 24 a good game?

Overall, eFootball 2024 is regarded as a decent improvement over its predecessors by most users. While it still has some issues, Konami has steadily upgraded the gameplay, content and stability with each annual update.

Difference between pes 2023 and e football 2024?

PES 2023 is the more polished realistic soccer simulation experience, while eFootball 2024 takes a more casual accessible approach with stronger monetization elements.

Is eFootball more realistic than FIFA?

Generally, eFootball steam is considered to have an edge in terms of realistic gameplay mechanics and ball physics reproduction compared to FIFA. However, FIFA fares better with exact team rosters and licensing.

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