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The Google Camera mod is a modified version of Google’s default camera app. It is known for providing high-quality pictures and advanced camera features like Night Sight. However, developer communities have created modified versions of Gcam, called “ports”, that allow users to install and use the Gcam app on non-Pixel Android phones as well. These Gcam ports bring the camera experience to other Android devices and generally improve photo quality compared to the phones’ default camera apps.

Availability Of Google Camera App

The Google Camera download is primarily developed and available for android version 5.0 and higher devices.

For a device to support Gcam ports, it needs to be running a supported Android version and have the necessary Camera2 API functionality available. Google Camera mod apk for all devices is also available for brands like Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and others often have Gcam ports tailored specifically for them by port developers.

So while the Google Camera experience was initially exclusive to Pixels, Gcam ports have expanded its availability to a much broader range of Android smartphones. Checking online port directories makes it easy to find the right version for your specific device model and Android OS.
It’s also can be used on google camera apk for android 11 devices as well.

GCAM MOD Features

Feature Description
HDR+ Takes multiple photos at different exposures and combines them intelligently to produce high dynamic range images with more accurate colors and lighting.
Night Sight Uses AI processing and long exposure captures to produce clear and bright nighttime shots without flash.
Portrait Mode Uses machine learning to recognize subjects and blur backgrounds for dramatic portraits. Allows adjustable background blur.
Top Shot Takes multiple rapid shots before and after shutter press and recommends the best photo based on focus, smile etc.
Photo Booth Allows burst photo series or short video clips captured with animation filters like swirls or color splash.
Panoramas Stitches wide angle panoramic shots with ease, capturing high resolution landscapes or group photos in a single swipe.
Motion Photos Captures 1-2 seconds of video before each still shot, allowing selection of best frame later.
RAW Files Allows saving uncompressed RAW format images for flexible post processing and better quality control.

Similar Apps to GCam


Pixellab is Google’s photo editor app for Pixel devices. It provides basic editing tools and features like adjusting colors, cropping etc.


Camera360 is a popular camera and photo editing app with a variety of filters, effects and tools. It allows creating collages and removing objects from photos.


Remini is an AI powered photo enhancer app. It uses machine learning to reduce noise and enhance detail in faces and images.

Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom Mobile is Adobe’s photo organizer and editor app. It allows editing RAW images, applying presets and organizing photos into collections.

Pixel Camera

The Pixel camera is known for its outstanding photography capabilities. Pixel phones are able to take amazing photos even in low light situations.


Snapseed is Google’s powerful yet simple photo editing app. It provides tools for tuning images, applying filters and making adjustments to colors, lighting etc.

Manual Camera DSLR

This app allows turning your phone into a manual camera with controls for ISO, shutter speed, focus etc. Great for photography enthusiasts.


VSCO is popular for its filters that can transform photos like google camera apk download latest version. It also includes tools for basic adjustments and RAW image support.

Google Photos

Google Photos is a free photo storage and organization app. Its built-in tools allow touch ups and edits along with creative effects.

Adobe Photoshop Express

A lightweight version of Photoshop for mobile with selection and layer tools for advanced photo edits. Compatible with PSD files.

FAQs about GCam

What is GCam used for?

GCam or Google Camera apk download is the default camera app developed by Google for Pixel smartphones. It provides advanced camera features and image processing for superior photo and video quality compared to stock camera apps.

Is GCam really better?

In most cases, GCam provides better image quality than stock camera apps, especially in low light photography due to features like Night Sight. It also gives access to advanced modes like Portrait, Panorama etc.

Can I use GCam on any phone?

Download google camera apk for android from and enjoy the app on any smart device.

What is the difference between a GCam and a normal camera?

GCam uses advanced AI/ML based image processing for better image quality even in difficult light. Features like Night Sight, Top Shot etc are not available in stock cameras. GCam also supports manual modes.

What is the best ISO for GCam?

For good quality photos, the ISO range of 100-800 is usually good. Higher ISOs like 1600 and 3200 can be used only in very low light conditions which may add noise to images.

How to take better portraits with GCam?

Activate portrait mode, ensure the subject is centered and phone is held steady. Adjust blur level as required. Good lighting helps GCam software separate the subject from the background cleanly.

How to use manual mode (Pro) in GCam?

Swipe left on the camera screen and select ‘Pro’. Adjust ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance etc and tap the shutter button to capture in full manual control mode.

How to enable all GCam features?

All features work out-of-box on compatible devices. For devices needing GCam configs, download ‘GCam Configs’ APK which provides an advanced menu to enable/disable specific modes.

How to activate Night Sight in GCam?

Swipe right on the viewfinder to access camera modes in Google Camera mod apk free download. Toggle on Night Sight which uses AI to produce excellent low-light photos without flash by combining multiple exposures.

How to take Panoramas with GCam?

In camera modes, select Panorama and slowly sweep the camera horizontally or vertically. GCam stitches photos seamlessly into wide landscape shots.

What resolutions does GCam support?

It supports standard photo resolutions up to full sensor capacity, e.g. 12MP, 24MP etc. Videos are shot at 1080p or 4K depending on device. Manual mode allows customizing dimension/ratio.

How to backup and restore GCam settings?

Use apps like ‘Shared Photos & Videos’ or backup apps to maintain GCam apk download settings upon reinstalling mod after OS update or switch to new mod version.

How does GCam compare to stock cameras?

GCam images have richer detail, better HDR, noise reduction and low-light performance due to advanced computational photography. Manual controls also enhance creativity.

How to take videos with GCam Apk?

Select video mode. Tap the shutter button to start/stop recording. Default 1080p/30fps setting suits most. Swipe between modes for options like 4K, 720p, time-lapse etc.

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