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What is Johnny Trigger MOD APK?

Johnny Trigger Apk is an action and adventure game. In this game, Johny Trigger is a police officer who drives a very fast car that can perform special tricks and stunts. Johnny gets called on missions to help the city with problems caused by bad guys. He has to use the speed and abilities of his car like jumping and spinning to catch criminals or rescue people in trouble. There are often puzzles that require using his car in unique ways too. You can download and enjoy the malware free game from Apkworld. It allows players to take on the role of Johnny Trigger as he does amazing driving actions to help others just like a real life superhero.

Features of Johny Trigger APK

Slow-Mo Magic

You can use the power to slow down time during tricky parts of the game. This gives you more time to react and overcome challenging obstacles.

Boss Fights

These boss fights will test your skills and strategy and engage you in epic battles against tough enemies who are in charge.

Multiple Chapters

Enjoys different levels and stories to complete throughout the game. Each chapter offers unique challenges and adventures.

Different Characters

In addition to playing as Johnny, you have the option to control other characters with their unique cars, adding variety to the gameplay.

Play Against Mafia

Race and compete against gangs that are trying to take over the city. Show off your skills and defeat them to restore peace.


Customize the look of your cars with different colors, decals, and more. Express your style and make your vehicles stand out.

Unlimited Money

In this version of the game, you never worry about running out of funds because you have unlimited money to buy new upgrades and cars to enhance your gameplay experience.

Unlocked All Chapters

You can access the full game right away without any locked content. Enjoy all the chapters and missions from the start.

No Ads

The game is without interruptions from advertisements to enjoy the action packed adventure.

57 Dangerous Weapons

Now you can equip yourself with a variety of special tools and throwable items to aid you in races and fights. Choose the right weapon for each situation.

Variety of Skins

Switch appearances and choose different skins to give your character a fresh look and style.

Base Rooms

Customize your home spaces, known as base rooms, to show off your cars and more. Create a personalized and impressive showcase.

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FAQS about Johnny Trigger APK

Can I play Johnny Trigger with friends?

Yes, there is a multiplayer mode where you can race or work together with other players online.

How do you drive the car in Johnny Trigger?

Use the arrow keys or WASD keys on your keyboard to move around and Space to jump.

How to unlock skins in Johnny Trigger?

You have all the skins unlocked in this version of the game. Just download the game and enjoy.

Can you unlock new cars in Johnny Trigger?

Yes, all cars are unlocked with upgrades and new vehicles with different abilities.

What kind of missions are there in Johnny Trigger?

Chases, rescues, puzzles, races and boss battles against tough villains who you need to catch.

How to block ads permanently in Johnny Trigger?

In this version, you have ad free experience throughout the gameplay.

Can I play different characters in Johnny Trigger?

Yes, besides Johnny you can unlock special guest drivers each with unique vehicles.

Do I need the internet for Johnny Trigger?

No, you can play the single player offline but online features require an internet connection.

Is Johnny Trigger Mod safe?

Yes, you can download the Johnny Trigger Mod Apk from with confidence. APKWORLD staff scan and check every apk multiple times with antivirus software to ensure safety. Simply download and enjoy the game without any concerns.

Can I customize my car in Johnny Trigger?

Yes, you get options like paint jobs, decals and extras to personalize your vehicle.

What platforms can I play on for Johnny Trigger?

PC, Mac, some mobile devices and certain consoles depending on the specific Johnny Trigger apk game.

How long is each level in Johnny Trigger?

Levels take about 5-10 minutes on average to complete depending on your skills.

Why cannot install the Johnny Trigger mod?

You have to uninstall the old version and then download the latest version, after this, you have to allow the unknown sources upon installation of the game. The game will surely run on your device with all its premium features unlocked.

Is Johnny Trigger an educational game?

It can teach basic driving skills like navigating courses and coordination through stunts in a fun way.

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